Medical Billing & Collection Services

Keep your billing process accurate, secure, and fast with

Omega Medical Billing services to uplift your practice revenue and profitability.

85 %
First Pass Clean Claims Rate
90 %
Collection Ratios
30 %
Reduction in A/R
15 -20%
Revenue Increase

One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

Omega Medical Billing has more than a decade of expertise in providing medical billing services in USA. We aim to streamline and grow your practice’s revenue. Our three-tier approach increases your income, reduces administrative costs, and improves practice administration.

Our team not only processes the claim and keeps accurate records, but they also support your staff members who are not versed in medical billing and coding. Our goal is to provide your practice with quality medical billing services at affordable prices, ensuring a client-first approach.

With our full-service approach, you’ll never have to worry about being out of the loop. Our experts handle your practice’s revenue cycle management, maintain complete transparency, and give insight into the best leverage opportunities to get you on the fast track.

Omega Medical Billing

We understand how essential it is to optimize your practice’s revenue cycle management process. With our end-to-end professional medical billing services, you can focus on patients’ health as we take care of your administrative work.

Omega is a leading medical billing provider, we calculate every aspect to streamline and maximize your medical practice reimbursement. We guarantee a billing process where inconsistent codes aren’t multiplying or claims getting piled up with multiple denials. We increase practices’ revenue with correct claims submission while minimizing the denials.

Being a cost-effective billing company, Omega Medical Billing has the expertise to perform institutional and professional billing services. With the Quality first approach, we have scored a 98% claim pass ratio that makes us the best choice for your medical billing services.


Streamline Your Billing Processes

We follow a streamlined process to ensure billing is accurate and efficient. Our medical billing team thoroughly reviews all claims to reduce rejections and maintain compliance. We also offer coding support and utilize advanced billing software for improved accuracy and faster payments.

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

With proper insurance verifications, providers can optimize collection rate by verifying and understanding the full eligibility and benefit process. Many claims are denied due to this process not being complete. Our highly trained staff is well-versed & ready to take the burden from the provider staff!

Claim Submission

Enable a 98% claim success ratio with OMB clean claim submission process. Our coding and billing experts ensure your claims get paid accurately

Payment Posting

Our experts proactively perform patient and insurance payment posting in the medical billing software to streamline the practice cash flow.

AR and Denial Management

We continuously perform follow-ups for effective denial management to keep track of your A/R to improve the collections rate.

Medical Billing Audit

OMB billing audit helps you track and improve the claim processing and payment posting to maximize your practice revenue.


Without provider enrollment and credentialing, it is near to impossible for healthcare providers to work and partner with any health insurance legally.

Reliable services
for all your medical billing

Omega Medical Billing will do more than take the burden of these financial worries. Improves so many aspects of our clients’ overall business operations. Just as you are the best at what you do, we are the best at what we do.

  • Process Claims Faster
  • More Focus on Patient Care
  • Reduced Billing Errors
  • Secured Patient Data
  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Reduced Administrative Duties
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Billing Compliance

Comprehensive Practice Management

As we are aware that every healthcare practise is unique, we collaborate closely with our clients to provide specialised solutions that support their objectives. Our all-inclusive healthcare management services can assist you in reaching your goals, whether they involve increasing patient pleasure, streamlining processes, or improving the financial performance of your practise.

Enhance Your Profitability

We have extensive experience in the healthcare sector and are fully aware of how to maximise revenue cycle management.

End-to-End Services

We are a full-service medical billing company that delivers end-to-end healthcare management services. Our medical billing experts are dedicated to your practice management, where they give you a better insight to improve your medical billing cycle.