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Since 2000

Omega Medical Billing (OMB) was founded by Samina Munawar in the year of 2000. She started this company by doing all billing and credentialing for one provider. By client referrals, we now provide RCM services for over 150 Provider throughout the United States.  

With more than 20 years’ experience, OMB is a client focused business that is offering top-notch revenue cycle management (RCM) services. OMB offers a full range of RCM services including but not limited to Insurance and hospital credentialing, eligibility and benefit verifications, claim processing, AR follow up, denial management, payment posting and auditing to ensure proper payments. OMB is knowledgeable about the rules, regulations and laws to protect the patients and providers. OMB is the fastest growing medical billing company in the Houston area and prides on the excellent service provided to all clients. Our integrated tools and services go beyond medical billing and coding to boost patient-physician interaction, improve data security and offer in depth analysis and insight into and organization.

Medical Billing Services

Quality First

Omega Medical Billing is one of the top medical billing companies in the USA to manage the revenue cycle for Practices, . It provides practices with access to experienced staff, including R&D resources and platform-independent professionals.
With the help of our increased expertise in medical billing, practice management, audit review, and healthcare management consulting, we are now able to offer medical billing providers quality first services. For multiple specialties, our medical billing specialists handle the entire medical billing cycle to increase collections, lower denial rates, and cut administrative costs.

By working with us, you may have faith in our practice management and medical billing services while concentrating on the well being of your patients.
Our customized solutions provide adherence to state laws and federal standards like CMS, ensuring patient protection while maximizing

Our Mission

Our mission at Omega Medical Billing is to offer Quality medical practice billing service. Quality, customer service, relationships, teamwork, and honesty are some of our key principles. At OMB, these principles direct all we do. We are dedicated to offering healthcare providers the best medical billing services. Our increased visibility in the healthcare sector opens up new possibilities for growing your practice.

Our Vision

We comprehend that you require an inventive success partner that can assist with driving the medical billing cycle and increasing your revenue in this difficult sector of the healthcare industry. Omega Medical Billing helps patients have a better experience by providing comprehensive technology-enabled solutions for revenue cycle management services, including clinical processes and revenue generation.

We do what it takes to get the Physicians their rightful compensation that is why we call ourselves an End to End service solution company. Our professionals will consult with your modern crew and will aid them in identifying practicable income leakages and make a contribution to plug these avenues.

Why Choose Omega Medical Billing

We understand that every practice is different. We offer a flexible, consultative approach to technology-enabled medical billing and coding solutions for growing medical practices of all sizes with unique needs. We have hands-on experience in multiple electronic health records (EHR), healthcare analytics, and practice management software to improve efficiency and drive an analytical approach to success. No matter if your office has 1 or 100+ providers, we can help you modernize patient experience systems so patients feel confident interacting with their healthcare providers.

20+ Years of Experience
HIPAA-Compliant Services 100%
98% Clean Claims Rate 98%
98% Clean Claims Rate 98%