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Omega Medical Billing Service was established in 2000. With hard work and reliability we have rapidly grown and have become one of the best medical billing services for physicians in the Houston, Metropolitan area of Texas. Within ten years we have grown from providing services from one to twenty six physicians. The physicians that we have the honor of working with are all of multiple specialties. Due to the pride that we have in our work, we now offer services in all of America. At this time our business has fifty qualified and dedicated employees that focus solely on providing optimum reimbursement and minimum denials. Undertaking day-to-day management of billing, we ensure that patient fees are collected and handled in the most effective and respectful manner by our expert staff. This means a stronger cash flow, reduced bad debt levels and also keeps financials separate from the professional patient/doctor relationship. At Omega Medical Services we process thousands of invoices per month which in turn go out to all insurance companies, hospitals, embassies , groups , clinics and directly to patients. We have the experience and relationships to work on your behalf to resolve disputes and prevent unavoidable shortfalls to your patients where possible.
We delegate our work into departments and every department is supervised by a group leader; this allows all work to be processed timely and efficiently.

We have the following dedicated departments:

Credentialing: This department negotiates all processing of provider enrollment with Hospitals and Insurance Companies.

Billing: This department enters patient’s demographics and charges specified by the physician. Billing ranges from the office, hospital in-patient and out-patient, assisted living facility, nursing facilities, home health, hospice, and sleep study billing.

Collection: This department works on accounts receivable aging reports, by verifying that all claims have been received by the insurance company and also, insure reprocessing of denied claims.

Coordinators: This department handles all issues from the doctor’s office and hospital. All coordinators are qualified in CPT Coding, diagnostic coding, insurance, medical records, patient services and provider relations.

Claim Submission & Tracking: This department submits claims electronically, via clearing house, for all providers. Claims are tracked by our office as well as the clearing house which allows faster claim processing. By submitting claims electronically, payment is usually received within thirty days.

Auditing: We have in-house auditors that cross checks all departments.

Payment Processor: This department post payments from all insurance companies and patients. Also prepares end of month closing reports and submits patient statements.

Data Management: This department properly stores all data. By having a dedicated data management department, this insures easy access for all reports and correspondence.

Technical Support: We have an in-house technical support team for all computer hardware and software issues that maintains computers for quality and reliable work. Technical support is qualified in information technology to provide physicians access to the system and to their reports.


The Medical Billing Process

The medical billing process requires communication between the healthcare provider and the insurance company (often called the payer). This communication begins with the office visit and continues through the billing and collections process. The payer is typically the first point of contact in the medical billing process unless the patient does not have healthcare insurance. In this case, the patient is solely responsible for paying for all services rendered. The medical billing workflow is the same regardless of the size of the medical billing office. In larger offices, duties are assigned by job functions and are performed by many individuals. In smaller offices, one individual may perform all duties.

Services we provide

Eligibilities & Benefits Checking

Insurance companies regularly make policy changes and updates in their health plans. Therefore, it is important for the medical billing company or the provider to verify if the patient is covered under the new plan to get maximum reimbursement. Confirming the insurance coverage facilitates acceptance of the claim on the first submission....


Credentialing is the process of verifying a provider’s qualifications to ensure that they can provide care to patients. Most health insurance companies require this process including CMS/Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans, as well as hospitals and surgery centers. The Credentialing process is completed by verifying all of a provider’s documents to ensure that they are valid and current. ....

Data Entry for Billing

Data Entry / Conversion mechanism would allow you to maintain your current system and Omega to convert the data for use with our software. This means that we make no changes to the system you currently use. This data conversion system will allow you to maintain easy control and Omega to do the highest quality work....

Optimum Reimbursements

Omega’s reimbursement specialists review all client patient data. Billing uploads and batches are balanced, and our medical claims process software is used to 'scrub' claims for errors and omissions. Omega’s software performs thousands of checks, including CPT/ICD-10 validations, modifier checks, demographic comparisons and payer-specific edits....

EDI Claims Submission

The claims review process ensures that practice billing data is being accurately captured and that claims are clean prior to being submitted for payment. Clean claims greatly increase the rate of payment, helping to maximize the amount collected and reduce accounts receivable. Once the claims are reviewed and audited, they are transmitted....

Posting of Payments

After submission, claims receive an additional level by our clearinghouse. All payments will be sent directly to practice location. We recommend registering with insurance companies to get paid via EFT .Optimal will register your practice if you prefer. Once payment is received, it is reviewed and posted into our system by one of....

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Quisque accumsan nisl eros, vel sagittis justo consequat in. Sed ut gravida enim, sed lobortis nibh. Etiam dapibus felis in libero ultricies rutrum.
Quisque accumsan nisl eros, vel sagittis justo consequat in. Sed ut gravida enim, sed lobortis nibh. Etiam dapibus felis in libero ultricies rutrum.

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